A Video Poetry Project

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**This is an old project I’m sharing with you today.  A project I started working on a few years ago, a video project for a class.  I haven’t continued working on it yet, but wow things have changed (and not changed) with the writing!  Thanks for giving it a watch if so inclined!  (Below is the old blog post as was originally with the video)

I present to you: The Alphabetical Anthology of Anxiety & Depression.
This project has been an interesting and artistically profitable experience for myself. Incorporating video and poetry/prose pieces is a new type of project and one I find myself thoroughly enjoying, as it encapsulates the two artistic capacities I love most: writing and video editing. The set of pieces (the anthology) can really be broken up into five different, semi-connected (or completely connected or disconnected depending on your ‘reading’ of it) stories/narratives, as shown by the transitions in video.
The video was a great boon to me and is from a variety of home movies made by my father (thanks Dad!). I contemplated keeping the audio from the video as a background to my reading, but ultimately decided to take it out because it helped make the video feel a little more internalized and removed from reality keeping these ‘external’ voices out.
In terms of the audio, while it make be difficult to tell, there is background noise under what I am reading. The background noise is actually just street noise recorded on my phone using a sound recording program while crossing a local bridge. I decided to use this audio as background noise because of its odd quality. In some sections the audio reminds me of ocean-like noises (e.g. the sounds of waves) which, as an apparent trope in contemplation and meditation in the human mind, I felt added a strangely meditative quality to it; however, there are also car noises and a kind of audio-discord during periods of the background audio that I felt added disharmony as well to the reading, which was something I also looked to accomplish.

I hope you enjoy.

This project is, in my mind, still a work in progress. This is the current version, the one that I have submitted for this class, but if you view this and happen to find it interesting then I suggest you check back in the future, because I intend to revise it until it is up to snuff and re-post it.

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